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Review VIVO NEX A Smartphone

Review VIVO NEX A Smartphone-Finally a different Android smartphone. At least in the idea of putting a concealed front camera to make the upper edge disappear without using the notch stratagem. In short, beautiful. Very. Too bad for the interface too Ios style that takes away many Android features. Create Review vivo Mobile for you.

Review VIVO NEX A Smartphone

Vivo Nex A
Vivo Nex A

Packaging and content

Ricca. Headphones, case (with a free high side), fast charger (charge in 20Wh battery in less than 2 hours) and cable type C.

Materials design and touch-and-feel

It is well made, in glass and metal. The back cover holds a lot of fingerprints but it was a compromise to make the phone less slippery. In fact, despite being heavy does not escape from the hands. It's like having a kind of little cake in your hand. Beautiful design of the back cover, iridescent Front.

Clean, full screen, pity for the bottom edge not symmetrical to the upper one. We must acknowledge that Apple has done a great job with iPhone X the only one with a lower edge equal to the others.

The impression sensor is behind, in a slightly too high position. But it is precise and fast. There is no notification led, but the flashing led flashes. Speaker below, below. The capsule is missing, replaced by a system behind the display similar to that of the first Xiaomi Mi Mix, which, however, here gives more satisfaction and works better. There is also a dedicated key or voice assistant (but in Chinese on my Asian version) or features related to the search.


Beautiful. Very beautiful. AMOLED, bright, no problem of corners, visibility under the sun, in short, no problem of any kind! Criticism to the OS that does not allow the adaptation of the DPI [which now Android Stock allows].

Processor and memory

After testing the xiaomi Mi8 SE with the Snapdragon 710 here a reconfirmation. It is a good processor, fast, responsive and parks in consumption. Vivo is a smartphone that never heats up. 6gb the ram and 128 the integrated memory not expandable.


Really great! I skipped the two days of stress use! Fun touch optimizes background processes and chained app launches to conserve battery power. but it always warns us of what it is doing so that if any app shows malfunctions it can be readily unlocked. And the notifications did not have any problem to arrive.

Software and ecosystem

I do not like! As said too os style. If I want an iPhone I'll buy an iPhone! Here there are many Android functions (one on all the unlocking of the phone via sign.There is only the numeric password ... or the lack of multiwindows here limited to a few apps) and all the menus are organized as on the iPhone.

There is the gesture, comfortable, but not as comfortable as those Xiaomi or OnePlus. And then the unlocking takes place either with a numeric password or with a sensor behind it, which makes it unnecessary to switch on with a double tap.

The camera does not go up and down like on OPPO Find X. There is Italian, but not all is well translated, there is no play store but installing it is a breeze. Just enter the account section and configure your own. The phone will download everything you need automatically. It is true that something Chinese here and remains. But nothing annoying. I will get the international S version to try the global software too review vivo.

Telephone department

It feels good! Despite the lack of the classic headset capsule. Ok the volume, the reception is ok, as well as the speakerphone but there is no band 20 that will be in version S. In the city, with my use, I have not even noticed but gone out someone could have less LTE signal.

Photo and video

Beautiful motorized movement of the front chamber. Obviously, I could not test its reliability in the long run but I took it for 2 days in the dust and had no problems. Customizable the sound of opening and closing cam. Guaranteed wow effect.

Opening times are short and the eye also closes by exerting pressure when it is open. But what matters most is that the photos are beautiful! If you play with tops, even in low light. Even the videos are a very bad sin the setting at 60 fps. But fire, audio, zoom, everything OK! Watch the video I shot at the jeepers to realize it!


Well from the headphones, excellent DAC there is also the equalizer. From the speaker, it is on average.

App and gaming

The app runs very well, fast to start, always reliable, I have not had any problems or crashes.

Even RR is very fast to start, 9 seconds. And it's very fluid.


After all of the review vivo, you will get an awesome smartphone. I hope "Review VIVO NEX A Smartphone"

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