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SEO guide step by step on page SEO

SEO guide step by step on page SEO-Looking for ranking your website in a google search just follow my SEO guide.
SEO means 'Search engine optimization'.Ranking your website in search result's to huge organic traffic for free.

SEO guide step by step on page SEO

Make your blog SEO to rank article easily in google search results.

On Page SEO

Today I gonna talk about on page SEO in your website.i want to give you free SEO guide 7 technique.

1.Short your Blog URL

When you post anything on your blog. After published you can see your blog URL permalinks
Before you see my blog permalinks like this. My article was written about SEO guide. So that I need to make my blog URL followed my keywords.

Post Blog URL
Post Blog URL

This type of link I want to customize accordingly my keywords.Belo I gave you example what should be to custom URL.

Post Blog Short URL
Post Blog Short URL

Now, this short URL custom is easy to navigate in a google search.

2.Published Long Content

Because a 2000+ word blog article gets more traffic
With the decrease in visitor time and with all small screens it makes more sense to publish a 300-word blog post, right?

Data on Google's top 10 results show a lack of sympathy for short content unless you have a very authoritative domain.
Web users, like you, are becoming smarter every day. We want specific answers to specific questions. The number of long-tail (long tail) searches performed is increasing every day.

Research on google - long-tail - long tail

As a blogger, you will need to write more words painfully. It becomes valid that it is necessary to create blog articles with long content (long form), in order to generate long-tail (long tail). It means that 2000+ words on the blog post are considered high quality. Long blog posts are always valid and permanent over time, perform better and add immense value to the audience, your audience.

Try to write your blog how many words you can put. Long content will be reached you higher search result.

3. Include Number

add a numeric number in your blog title description.it will speed up your website search in the top. Most blogger always used the number to make a title.
Add Number in title
Add Number in title

4. Use Internal Link Building

link internal links, in fact, help you to create a great structure for the various sections and, above all, for the blog if not overly strained, they are a useful tool to allow the user to stay pleasantly on your site and to explore it from top to bottom. Not only that, thanks to these you can easily follow his actions, guess what his interests are and finally make a breach in his heart, to lead him to the sales process.

The user can easily navigate your site and get your related post easily.

5. External Link Building

External link building in a high authority site. Like a Wikipedia, google, facebook etc
External Link Building
External Link Building
Html, you can simply paste this code below.

<a rel="no follow" href="http://www.mac-pro-it.com/">Mac Pro IT</a>

You can easily apply to Wordpress, Blogspot To make Nofollow.

6. Use Quality Multimedia

Using original images - and then made specifically by you and not found on the internet - and high quality can be a fundamental tool, even inexpensive, in your hands. This is because the images allow you to capture the visitor's attention: illuminated and well-structured photos of the products you sell are certainly more effective for the sale of ugly black and white images found on Google Images. Precisely because of this, the images you insert on your site can also develop your brand it is much easier for a potential customer to associate the name of your company with a specific logo or symbol, than with a text on the site!

To optimize your images, make sure that they do not slow down the loading of the page on which they are located. To avoid this, the figures should not be too heavy. Reduce their size, keeping in mind that they must clearly see inside the site: for this reason, it is better to save them in JPEG, GIF or PNG format, the ones most supported by the web. If you want a tool that can optimize your images for the blog, rely on Optimizilla.

These are just some of the ideas regarding the SEO optimization of images: if you want to know them all, read our article entitled "SEO images a guide to final optimization in your steps".

Use geotag in your image
Image GeoTag
Image GeoTag

Use the image before the edit. check there is no copyright issue. 

7. LSI Keywords

Find LSI keywords. Go to google and search your keyword.google will suggest you some more auto predicts word.
LSI Keywords
LSI Keywords

Use Lsi Keywords to write your blog. Top and effective keywords you can adds to your blog.

we always experiment to get a better result to write our blog in the audience. On page, SEO is a search preference in the search result. So on page SEO is very important to make visible in search engine.

I hope "SEO guide step by step on page SEO" you have any question you can feel free to contact us

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