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Top 5 Free screen recorder Software

Top 5 best screen recorder slash game screen recorder that you guys can get that are absolutely free to use now keep in mind that some of these screen recorders have its own pros and cons only two of them that I'm gonna show in this video are good for a game recording while the rest are good for screen recording so just keep that in mind as a these are free but there are also pros and cons so starting off with

Top 5 Free screen recorder Software

Get Free tools just download and use it essential software daily need.

1. ice-cream screen recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder
Icecream Screen Recorder

 this is a pretty good screen recorder if you guys are looking into recording your desktop screen and maybe for looking as doing tutorials Ice  screen recorder is entirely good the main con I can see about this screen recorder is that uh you do have a period point of confinement of 5 minutes  which I find extremely reasonable 5 minutes is perfectly fine for screen recorder 
because it's not like you're gonna record longer than that and if you want to record more you just stop the recording record again and merge the clips together but ice cream screen recorder is pretty damn good if you ask me it's good for beginners to soar to record the ice cream screen recorder you click on 
a capture video you select an area to record it can be anywhere just drag and if you want to capture your whole screen you can just type in 1920 by 1080 or click the drop-down menu and go to 1080p that way it will record your whole desktop screen now the cool thing about ice cream screen recorder also is that there are no watermarks
I'm recording on now and when you hit F8 it stops and F7 Pause the recording video is saved so let me click on it and open it up you guys are gonna see that it plays and looks perfectly fine and really good quality too awesome alright so now what I'm gonna show you guys are basically a

converter tool online where you can convert the W web file to a mp4 so it's going to be the site Convertio basically convert it to an mp4 because if you're using Sony Vegas Pro you cannot put in dot W uh WEP M web WebM files on to Vegas but if you convert it to an mp4 it should work perfectly fine all right coming out

2. iSpring free cam 

this is a free recording tool also as well it is completely free when you're on a download page just enter a fake email and click free download you don't have to enter your real information which is good and just click the free download button and left for it to download now iSpring free cam in my opinion is a little bit better than a ice cream screen recorder because this you have no time limit 

iSpring Free Cam Screen Recorder
iSpring Free Cam Screen Recorder

iSpring free cam you can record as long as you want and it's somewhat a little bit easier to use and it saves in a proper format as well so this is a really good screen recorder I recommend you guys checking this one out but basically just as 
before you adjust your settings and you click the record button and you guys have a countdown and basically records now this software is really good too if you can't afford Camtasia or you just want to start off slow iSpring free camp is pretty amazing at what it does and like I said it's only free I don't think 
Note : there is a paid version to the software so that's what I did another cool feature is you can edit your clips you can upload it directly to YouTube and do a lot of cool stuff so if I click Edit right here as you guys can see I can up to volume adjust it I can remove noise and it's pretty damn clean if you ask me and again it's free that's the best thing for the most part because a lot of us don't have money to buy sort of software's so this comes really good in handy and again as you guys can see it looks really nice ok so come in at

3.Open Broadcast Software

 this is a really really good program for recording gameplay now you guys can also record desktop now you guys are presumably believing isn't OBS for streamers, yes and no OBS can likewise record gameplay which many individuals utilize and I discover it extremely perfect I will appear but if you want to know the proper settings for OBS 
OBS screen
Open broadcast Software screen

 click on settings on the top right corner and then I want you guys to go ahead and click on broadcast settings from here you're gonna want to make sure the mode is on file output only it will be on live stream at the start but make sure it's on file output and video make sure you guys have it on 1920 by 1080 if your computer is pretty slow put it on 1280 by 720 as long as its HD and for 
microphone you can adjust there I have the yeti stereo microphone noise gate you can control your microphone right here and hotkeys which I put when I record but as what you guys can do alright and once you got that done click apply and ok and now you're gonna add a scene right click add scene type in your channel name from

 YouTube and then go ahead and add a source now for you click preview stream when your preview recording you're gonna see it's black right here right so you're gonna have to add a game if you're recording your game so you can right click add you can either add a game capture or monitor capture. Broadcast your gaming in online made it easy.

4.Nvidia shadowplay 

Nvidia shadowplay is also a very good alternative to OBS if you're looking to record your gameplay so you can click right here and make sure you guys have in video shadowplay on you must have a video GeForce experience to use this if you don't that's ok just to use OBS but as you guys can see it's a putting the user interface 
GeForce experience
GeForce experience

and easy to use so let's go back and csgo and then do all F9 to record so as you guys can see when I go back in here open it up here's my C as a go gameplay now it is a bit laggy on my end because my computer was using a lot of resources earlier so ignore the green lines you guys see it actually records pretty good alright guys now coming at last screen recorder.

5.GoPlay Editor screen recorder

it works for Android and Windows GoPlay Editor the reason.it has a watermark I don't like watermarks in my videos but if you don't mind this is also an alternative screen recorder software you guys can use GoPlay Editor isn't that bad 
GoPlay editor Screen
GoPlay editor Screen

but it would be a much better if you can remove the watermark make sure when you guys have your screen recorder on you click right here expand to full screen and right here where it says 480 pixels it'll be dub by default click this and you're gonna want to go ahead and adjust the proper settings to 1080p soon size put a drop down right here HD 1080p apply and okay now to remove 
the watermark you are gonna need a pro version which I don't recommend 


You can just use iSpring cam it's honestly
iSpring free cam as there is no time limit there is no watermark
5 lists of a free screen recording software for desktop and gameplay I hope "Top 5 Free screen recorder Software" you guys enjoy.
Next Time I Will give you the best Paid Screen Recorder.

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