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11 secret Tips for Google Adsense Approval Apply Now

11 secret Tips for Google Adsense Approval Apply Now - Do you want to get your Adsense approval quickly. If your answer is yes then you are on the right I will teach you the top-secret tips for getting your Adsense approval you're Reading Mac Tips.

Secret Tips for Google Adsense 

Top Secret Tips for Google Adsense
Top Secret Tips for Google Adsense

While we apply for Adsense I'm not saying it is wrong but first, we should do few cross checks from our before submitting your application. Getting Adsense approval is not a rocket science you may have applied Adsense for the first time and would have received a mail like this case. I am right this is where you should not lose your hope getting rejected is very common. Even the best bloggers will face this problem so here the 8 tricks is how to overcome the rejection let me share you few things that you should check before submitting for Adsense.

1. Domain Age

So the number one tip is your website age must be a minimum of two months old for US and UK while six-month-old for Asian and European countries these may be myths but worth considering. Not Mandatory. I have suggested you make your domain age older for Adsense approval.

2. Number of Post

Need to have a good number of post count when I say this you should have at least a minimum of 50 posts before applying for Adsense. Which is a decent count here we can go. Post-High-Quality content regularly Per week 2-3 post that will make your blog active and will be google index your page and post.

3. Create Page

These mandatory pages in your blog or website the home page, about page, privacy policy and contact us, sitemap would be an added advantage. If the website is e-commerce niche then add refund policy. Without these mandatory pages, you will not get a Google Adsense.

4. No Scarpe Content

Never copy content from others cheating will not withstand forever Google algorithm is very smart enough to identify your smartness. If you copy content from other websites, your post will be plagiarism and google will not index any copy materials. Follow only how to write SEO articles then one day can write uncountable content. Gather your knowledge first Focus long-term Business.

5. Theme

Very important one choose a very good theme with a proper navigation. Choose Google Adsense friendly theme. Your theme Must need responsive to navigate. And also Important you will not use any kind of High colorful theme. Use simple theme like Newspaper, Cheer up, News Mag, True Pixel etc.

6. Traffic

You should have a decent number of organic traffic to your blog or website a good number would be around 100 to 200 unique pageviews per day.

7. Never Post

There are few contents on which Adsense is really against your application it will be blindly rejected if you have the contents on pornography, hacking, tutorials, and torrent downloads. 

8. Page Speed

Your site load time the recommended load time for your website or a blog is minimum or for ten seconds. Then more videos or flash images are added to your site the website takes so long to load this will obviously dictate the users so this comes under the user experience. so use simple themes and good images to load your site quickly.

9. No Copyright Image

Never use a copyright image from others site. Online you will get many sources of the image to provide without copyrights materials.

10. Header Logo and Favicon

Use your brand Logo in your blog Header section and also use your logo in a favicon.

11. Social Signal

Make your social account like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. Use social share and follow button to easily connect to your site.

Extra Mac tips
  • Add your site to google webmaster/analytics.
  • Make your blog ads-free.
  • Outbound Links makes nofollow.

I hope this top secret Adsense related article "11 secret Tips for Google Adsense Approval Apply Now" Help you to get approval easily. If you really liked it and also share this article with your loved ones.

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