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3 Simple way to make awesome blog post | quality content grow traffic

Awesome Blog Post: Are you a blogger, interesting to writing, freelancer writer or newly come to writing article. You have now writing skill this article for you. Writing many word or tons of word isn't an awesome or quality content. Make your awesome post bond to your reader.

Develop your writing skill has no other magic button. Practice making man perfect. Awesome quality blog post get insane good traffic.

Who is a beginner to writing will be helpful after reading this article and apply your blog.

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Awesome Blog Post Writing

Many institute offer takes training to become a content writer. Don't try to focus these things try to practice yourself as writing and follow the best-written article only. Make a mistake develop or improve yourself from a mistake.

How to Make Blog post Awesome?

Come to the point don't use irrelevant sentence making to bore your reader. Try to research what reader like or unlike. What should be in the structure of your post?
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
This compulsory three-element must have your blog post and also much other material has.

1.First Step :

Introduction to the topic of your article. Let's talk your point give some brief. 100word min length to write.

Try to write blog post body contains 6-7 Header. Each header will contain a paragraph or bullet point to write. I always basically prefer to write Paragraph short about 5-6 per line. Whatever your writing style. Give a proper space or gap to make paragraph more attractive. Thousand word of content isn't mean Good or High-quality content. Focus your topic to write an article Traffic or visitor always come to searching for information. Without information, they will not come to visit your site. Why people visit your site? ask yourself. Try to write a proper vest of knowledge or information don't use any extra useless sentence.

Conclusion part contains the last part of the blog will be navigation of your older post. Ask or question between you and your blog post reader.

I always asked a reader to post like, share, comment or contact us if a reader has any other question to find.

Tips: Use Grammarly extension in your web browser to avoid grammar spell mistake.

2.Second Step :

Images more important part of the blog post. An image says thousand of a word. Exposure and Emotion express your feelings through your images. Most People like see the image than a word and attract to see also the post.

Use 5-6 images in your article not to use more than 6. It will be helpful for your Website. Use copyright free image lot of image you can get for free.

I always use Pixabay and Unplash website stock to get my desire images for free download only I edit my picture something and compress the size of an image.

Small Size images will be load faster your website and easy to load. SO always try to maintain your size 100-150KB will be fine to work.

3.Final Step :

Make a rule like I always use You and I conversation to interact with the audience that mean reader will feel like a real conversation. So that he/she will be set of mind to read your article to understand.

Once you have done each thing now time to publish a blog post on the web. Published and promote your content equally and wait for your traffic.

Quality content very important promote also more important.


I hope this "" post will be helpful for you.if you think so please like, share my content to know other people to help. If you have any question feel free to comment on my blog or any social platform just knock me. I will ready to answer. Next time I will post an interesting topic or if you have any just inform me. Thanks for reading my article.

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